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TBT: Boeheim’s Army Draws Basketball City in First Round

The opponent for Boeheim’s Army in the first round of The Basketball Tournament has been announced.

boeheim's army

Boeheim’s Army is back this year to compete in The Basketball Tournament. Last year the squad lost in the quarterfinals and are looking to win it all this year with a very similar roster. This time around the stakes are higher as winner will take home $2 million instead of last years $1 million pool as the event has grown significantly in just one year.

The group of former Syracuse stars will draw the 15-seeded Basketball City for their first round matchup. Basketball City is one of the weaker squads in the Northeast bracket, but they did advance to the second round last year. Basketball City is headlined by former St. Bonaventure player Demetrius Conger and former Florida Atlantic player, Shavar Richardson.

Boeheim’s Army manager Kevin Belbey spoke to’s Chris Carlson about the matchup:

"You look at the (Basketball City) roster and everyone played Division I basketball," Belbey said. "Everyone played at a high level. They have a 7-footer, a couple of 6-foot-10 guys. One of our biggest advantages is our height and they'll be able to match up."

Belbey added that he thinks another advantage Boeheim’s Army will have is fan support. Syracuse fans will travel to the games. Belbey said that the fact that the vast majority of the players came through Coach Boeheim’s system will be an advantage for the squad. They have chemistry and that the players feel "responsible" for each other. And yesterday the squad announced that Hak is back!

Boeheims Army has the opportunity to play all four games leading up to the semifinals in Philadelphia. The first round will be played at Philadelphia University July 16-17. Boeheim’s Army could play alumni teams from Pittsburgh or Villanova. City of Gods, the team that knocked out Boeheim’s Army last year is the No. 1 seed in the Northeast bracket, which could set up a rematch in the quarterfinals.