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For 'Family Reasons,' Mark Coyle Sends Minnesota Truck to Haul Belongings to Next 'Special Place'

A Minnesota equipment truck drove out to Syracuse to haul out former AD Mark Coyle's stuff and bring it to it's next "special place."

Jim Teske

Mark Coyle seems neat. Thats probably why he had one foot out the door as soon as he took the job as Syracuse University athletic director and that's also probably why he sent the Minnesota Golden Gophers equipment truck to pick up the stuff from his old Syracuse home to bring it out to his new home in wherever Minnesota is.

We can assume that Coyle sent the truck for "family reasons." Surely picking up furniture that the family uses constitutes family reasons. And we can appreciate that Coyle would have the truck go from special place Minnesota, hike it all the way out to special place Syracuse and then head back to special place Minnesota. What a special trip.

As Chris Carlson notes, this is apparently how they do in the Big Ten. James Franklin sent a Penn State truck down to Vanderbilt to haul his stuff to his new home after he took that job.

Neat stuff, Mark.