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Syracuse Football: Would You Rather...

We posed some hypothetical situations. You tell us whether or not you'd say yes.

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Friday night, I was waiting for some pasta to boil and I was bored because I lead a charmed life and I figured it might be a good time to throw some Syracuse Orange hypothetical out there to the masses to see what they'd do. And now, I'd like to extend that offer to you guys as well.

To Potato Or Not To Potato

On one hand it means Syracuse is going to be really good for the next five years, which is awesome. On the other hand it means that we'll see diminishing returns on that success. So even if Syracuse goes 13-0 and wins the ACC, they are required to play in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl against, probably, Utah State.

The Twitter opinion was fairly split on this between those who will take success no matter how it comes vs. those who want to roll the dice on something better.

The Bizarro SU Theorem

Here's where we separate the football die-hards from the rest of us. If you were told that SU Football will become a dominant program in the near future but in order to do so you had to sacrifice SU Basketball in the process, would you be willing to do it? It's a super-loaded question because it also coincides with the final years of Boeheim's reign and (assumedly) the first year or so for Hopkins. How badly do you want an Orange Bowl berth?

The Twitter vote skewed towards no but there were plenty of yeses as well.

Comfy vs. Tasty

All due respect to Sbarro's but if you walk into a food court and that's the only pizza option, it's a bummer. So now imagine that the next time you went to the Carrier Dome, the only food option at all was not only Sbarro's but cold Sbarro's. Even more specific, only cold slices with cold mushrooms. BUT, the trade-off if that you say goodbye to the benches and say hello to your very own recliner from which you can watch every SU event. What comfort! What pleasure! Potentially worth the loss of Dome Dogs.

Apparently not so much on Twitter, though. Folks were mostly against the pizza idea, although one person found a loophole of sorts:

The Piece De Resistance

Talk about a conundrum.

On one hand, going 6-6 guarantees a bowl game as well as critical bowl game practice time. It raises SU's national awareness and energizes the fanbase. That 80-0 loss to Clemson stings like a mother but if we just accept it as part of the plan then we can build on it.

On the other hand, f*** Clemson.

You're up. Share your answers below.