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Hakim Warrick To Play For Boeheim's Army in The Basketball Tournament

Hakim the Dream returns as a key player for Boeheim's Army.

Boeheim's Army

Syracuse Orange basketball legend Hakim Warrick will play for Boeheim's Army in The Basketball Tournament this summer.

Warrick was a critical player in last year's tournament, coming up big on the glass. Warrick is among the more popular players in the history of Syracuse basketball, so it's a great thing to have him on the team for fans to enjoy his unique style of play and athleticism.

The addition of Warrick is huge for Boeheim's Army. Warrick not only adds depth to the roster, but size, rebounding, and offensive ability as well. Warrick is an addition to a frontcourt that already includes Rick Jackson, Baye Keita, Terrence Roberts, and Daryl "Mookie" Watkins, and will be an extremely difficult match up for teams heading in to tournament play.

We love watching TBT as it helps us get through our summer in to football season, and this is just another fantastic reason to tune in. Hak is beloved in Syracuse, and his presence on the team alone will draw more fans to watch this team play.

And although he has the greatest block in Syracuse basketball history, he still has his work cut out for him if he wants to have the greatest block in Boeheim's Army history.