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Syracuse Athletics: Mark Coyle Bringing Two Staff Members With Him to Minnesota

Mark Coyle will never be able to call these two staff members #disloyalidiots.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Two staff members that followed Mark Coyle in to Syracuse are following him right back out the door to Minnesota, reports's Chris Carlson.

John Cunningham and Rhonda McFarland followed Coyle across the country to Central New York from Boise State, so there really are no surprises in their departures. Cunningham was the Deputy Athletics Director for Administration, and McFarland was the Deputy Athletics Director and Chief Financial Officer.

Both held the same titles here in Syracuse. (ed. note: And Cunningham was supposed to handle some of the football scheduling, but we all know how that went)

Not only is the move somewhat expected, but I believe it should be welcomed as well. With a new AD coming in, it's much better off that he/she has their own people in these positions, rather than two employees that appear to be team Coyle through and through. This will help the next person in with making the department their own, which is key for running things the way you want them to be run.

No word yet on if/when the Minnesota moving truck will make their reappearance in CNY.