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Boeheim's Army Unveils 2016 Uniforms, New Camo Look

Platinum strikes again!


Boeheim's Army returns to the court pretty soon for The Basketball Tournament and when they do they'll be sporting new uniforms.

You'll probably note that they are close to what the squad wore last year except for a few tweaks...

  • The big change is that the orange version is now an orange camo style instead of one block color. The white version appears to have a gray-ish camo effect as well.
  • Much like acutal Syracuse Orange uniforms, they've been de-blued and they've upped the platinum ante. Is nothing sacred anymore?
  • The side stripes have been extended and fade down as they move down the torso. The shorts "fade in" as the stripes move down.
  • The collar and sleeve trim is one solid color instead of two lines.
  • If you look close enough, you'll see a 31 patch on the back of the jersey for Pearl Washington.

Other than that they're relatively the same. Also the same, you can purchase the orange jerseys for $60 and $5 of each sale goes to benefit the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation.

Boeheim's Army starts play on July 16 and you can find discounted tickets to their Philadelphia games here.