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Get To Know Your Orange Man - No. 65, OT Jamar McGloster

You're going to be hearing McGloster's name a whole lot more this fall.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Jamar McGloster

Position:Offensive Tackle

Height: 6'7"

Hometown: Hillside, N.J.

High School: Saint Anthony

2015 Stats: McGloster played some games at right tackle for the Syracuse Orange last season, including the opener against Rhode Island where he saw the most time.

2016 Projections: Jamar's your odds-on starter at right tackle at the moment. In any case, you'll be hearing his name called a bunch this season.

How'd He Get Here: Teams may have been scared off by some initial SAT issues, but once those were resolved, Syracuse swooped in with an offer for the New Jersey product.

What'd Scout/Rivals Say: Unrated.

Money Quote: From (then) newly-minted St. Anthony coach Ed Stinson, who had plenty to say about McGloster's surprising rise late in the recruiting process back in 2013:

"There didn't appear that there was any way a kid at this point could get a scholarship. The combination of an availability of a scholarship, him getting himself academically qualified and then the circumstance of being introduced to these people. I had never coached him, but to me he passed the eye test of being a college football prospect. The rest of it just fell into place circumstantially. Everything connected."

Links of Wonder: Last year, Matt Schneidman wrote up a whole piece in the Daily Orange about how Jamar was emphasizing technique.

Twitterfeed: @BiG_MiC_

Tweets of Wonder: McGloster uses his Twitter feed for some words of inspiration now and again.

What Does The Coaching Staff Think of Him: Something positive, clearly, since he's projected to start.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: McGloster only played one full season of football prior to arriving at Syracuse..

Let's Get A Good Look Atcha: Jamar's a regular interviewer, based on his YouTube channel.