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Which Team of Syracuse Football Players Will Win "Lift For Life?"

The Syracuse football team has been split into eight teams to compete in the Lift For Life. Which one will be victorious?

The Syracuse Chapter of Uplifting Athletes will hold its annual Lift For Life event on Wednesday, July 20th starting at 7:00 p.m. The event raises money in the effort to end rare diseases and is looking to raise at least $15,000.

The way it's set up, the Syracuse Orange football team has been split up into eight nine teams. Those teams will complete in a series of events in order to determine the winning team. You can also donate directly to any of the teams to show your support.

Teams will compete in a variety of events such as the tire flip race and the prowler push. The top four teams then advance to the semifinals where a plate hold will determine the two finalists. The finalists will then determine a winner with a good old fashioned tug-of-war.

Of course it doesn't matter which team wins but if you're going to go to the trouble of putting together teams we might as well get into the competitive spirit. We took a look at each of them and tried to figure out which squad was mostly likely to come away with the victory (full team lists below).

Brandon Ross: Team Dungey

Seeing how big Eric Dungey has gotten, how godly Kielan Whitner's physique is, and the number of defensive lineman on this team, it almost seems to be a shoein for Team Dungey.

Kevin Wall: Team Emerich

My pick is Team Emerich because I think it's a balanced group and I'm not picking against a team with Steve Ishmael in any competition.

Sean Keeley: Team MacPherson

I'm putting in for Cam's squad for a couple reason. They've got the big hosses in McGloster (330 pounds), Duerig (320 pounds) and Hindy (318 pounds). There's a few tight ends on the squad for a nice balance of power, speed, and agility. And then you've for Morgan and Hudson for pure speed. It feels like a complete package.

That's just our picks, though. Check out the teams below and make your own pick for which team you think will win. And then back it up by making a donation to support them.

Team Dungey
Eric Dungey
Kielan Whitner
Hernz Laguerre, Jr.
Shy Cullen
Chris Fredrick
Tyler Cross
Joshua Black
Devin Butler
Cole Murphy
McKinley Williams

Team Mahoney
Zack Mahoney
Erv Philips
Colin Byrne
Cody Conway
Tyrone Perkins Jr.
Daivon Ellison
Josh Parris
Carl Jones
Sam Heckel
Alex Grossman

Team Anthony
Eric Anthony
Corey Winfield
Steven Clark
Kayton Samuels
Moe Neal
Jamal Custis
Matt Keller
Zack Lesko
James Pierre
Airon Servais

Team Foster
Donnie Foster
Tyler Gilfus
Juwan Dowels
George Morris II
Dontae Strickland
Jon Burton
Omari Palmer
Amba Etta-Tawo
Evan Foster
Aaron Roberts

Team Emerich
Jason Emerich
Chris Slayton
Rex Culpepper
Steve Ishmael
Jordan Fredericks
Parris Bennett
Troy Henderson
Kenneth Ruff
Michael Moore
Joe Stanard

Team Scissum
Chauncey Scissum
Brisly Estime
Anthony Giudice
Marquez Hodge
Jake Pickard
Adly Enoicy
Timothy Walton
Devon Clarke
Mike Clark
Alryk Perry

Team MacPherson
Cameron MacPherson
Rodney Williams Jr.
Cordell Hudson
Kendall Moore II
Jamar McGloster
Wayne Morgan
AJ Duerig
Andrew Armstrong
Kendall Coleman
Taylor Hindy

Team Franklin
Zaire Franklin
Antwan Cordy
JT Thomas
Gabe Sherrod
Evan Adams
Scoop Bradshaw
Sterling Hofrichter
Sean Riley
Jaquwan Nelson
Michael Lasker Jr.

Team Wilson
Austin Wilson
Sam Clausman
Kenterius Womack
Alvin Cornelius III
Kyle Kleinberg
Trey Dunkelberger
Sean Avant
Ted Taylor Jr.
Mo Hasan
Liam O'Sullivan