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Which College Football Team That Syracuse Has Never Played Would You Like To Play?

Syracuse actually has a lot of interesting opponents that it's never faced before. Maybe we should change that?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I was browsing Reddit's college football subreddit over the weekend and I came across an interesting question that had been posed.

Which two schools that have never played each other would you like to see battle it out?

It's kinda crazy to think that given the amount of time we've been playing college football and the relatively small size of the teams playing, there are still plenty of game combinations that have never happened. For instance, Oklahoma has never played Georgia. Miami has never played Stanford. Alabama has never played Oregon. The one that shocked me the most...Florida State and Texas have never played one another.

Of course, it got me thinking about the Syracuse Orange and the opponents we've never faced. I did some cross-referencing with FBS schools and our historical records and I actually found a sizable number of notable schools that have never faced off against SU.

It's not a huge surprise that many of them are on the West Coast. We've never played the Oregon Ducks, Arizona State Sun Devils or San Diego State Aztecs but we've also never played the Stanford Cardinal, which seems mildly surprising to me. SU vs. SU. Two private schools that have been playing for over a century. You'd have thought we'd have met in a bowl game at some point, if nothing else.

Speaking of teams from the West, Syracuse has never played the Hawai'i Warriors. While that might not be shocking given the logistics and geography, one wonders if it might not be a bad idea to play them in a year like this one when a bowl game isn't expected. It's like getting an auto-bowl game no matter what, especially if you play them late in the year.

Not surprisingly, Syracuse hasn't done too much business in the Mountain Time Zone either. We've never played the Utah Utes or the Boise State Broncos. I'm not sure we'd want to schedule either of them right now, though there's something to be said for taking out our bitterness towards Mark Coyle against BSU.

The rest of the notable schools on my list are all either Big 12 or SEC schools that you'd have thought we'd cross paths with in a bowl game or maybe met once in 1927. But, no, you'd be wrong.

SEC teams we've never faced include the Texas A&M Aggies, Ole Miss Rebels and South Carolina Gamecocks. Big 12 teams we've never tangled with include the Oklahoma State Cowboys and Texas Tech Red Raiders.

So among all of these schools, are there any that we need to break the seal with? Lord knows we've got space on the future schedules.

The West Coast schools don't make a lot of sense recruiting-wise but I suppose I could see Stanford on the schedule as our big-time opponent one year as a way to connect the two.

As for schools that make more sense, this might be the perfect time to catch South Carolina. They're down, they're in our recruiting zone, and hey it sounds better than playing LSU.

Leave your thoughts below.