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Orange Fans Celebrate Syracuse Day at Yankee Stadium

It was a pretty Orange day at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.

On Saturday, while the New York Yankees hosted the Minnesota Twins, they were also playing host to a lot of fans dressed in orange for Syracuse Day at Yankee Stadium.

While the game itself was mostly uneventful until the bottom half of the 8th inning, it was a great day to be a Syracuse fan. 

At the event, Orange fans were able to pick up a free t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. The cotton shirt (pictured above) was Yankee navy-colored with "Syracuse" written in classic baseball font and the interlocking NY logo on the left sleeve. Yet another 'Cuse shirt to add to the already overflowing dresser drawer.

There was a pregame reception area set up for SU alums and company that was for those who paid a separate cost outside of regular admission. While I did not go in, I did see a smiling Otto in attendance and apparently food was provided as well

I sat in section 232, which was set aside for Syracuse alumni and fans. It was pretty great to be surrounded by so much orange, and being a recent grad I found many familiar faces in the stands. I also found my favorite Chuck's bartender in attendance (Cindy) and she told me to make sure I come visit Syracuse for Homecoming. This should be the SU Athletic Department's strategy to get attendance up for football games - just have the Chuck's bartenders tell everyone to go. Problem solved.

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The Yankees organization recognized Syracuse Day on the jumbotron and over the PA system around the 5th inning, which was met with a roaring cheer from the large contingencies of Orange fans. Any time a person in 'Cuse apparel was shown on the jumbotron it sparked a loud applause from the sections surrounding me.

The Yanks ended up coming back from an early 1-0 deficit and took the lead in the bottom of the 8th to secure a 2-1 victory. Overall, a great day to be Orange!

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