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Jon Rothstein Pets an Otto Pillow Pet & Now I'm Uncomfortable

This. Is. Creepy.

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Adam Schein

So apparently CBS Sports reporter Jon Rothstein didn't think the Syracuse Orange were going to make it to the 2016 Final Four. CBS Sports (amongst other things) host Adam Schein, a loyal SU alum, wanted to hold him to it.So, they made a bet that if Syracuse did make it, Rothstein would have to pet Otto the Orange on live TV. Not the most gruesome payback anyone's ever made but, hey, a bet's a bet.

Well, Syracuse did it (sorry), so now Jon's up.

Thursday, Rothstein showed up on Time to Schein and the bet was repaid.

I have concerns.

1. Technically, that's an Otto Pillow Pet, which is a subsidiary of, but not actually, Otto The Orange. So as far as I'm concerned, you're no Lannister, Jon. That debt remains unpaid.

2. Is Rothstein afraid the pillow pet is going to bite his hand off?

3. I feel uncomfortable.