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2016 NBA Draft Roundtable: When Will Malachi Richardson & Michael Gbinije Be Drafted?

Tonight's the night for two former Syracuse Orange players. But who will draft them and when?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NBA Draft goes down tonight and chances are good that former Syracuse Orange players Malachi Richardson and Michael Gbinije will both hear their names called. Richardson is now expected to be picked some time in the mid-first round (The Grizz have all but admitted they're taking him if he's available) while Gbinije has been projected from late first-round all the way to the end of the second.

Who the hell knows. But, that won't stop us from guessing. Here's what we think we'll go down...

Andrew Carey

Malachi: 17th to the Memphis Grizzlies

Gbinije: 29th to the San Antonio Spurs

Ben Kropp

Malachi: 17th to the Grizzlies (Memphis has shown a great deal of interest in Malachi and he would provide them with a true scorer)

Gbinije: 36th to the Milwaukee Bucks (Gbinije worked out for the Bucks and could provide some experience and leadership for a very young team. Plus he would be reunited with MCW and Tyler Ennis.)

Brandon Ross

Malachi: 17th to the Grizzlies (But the Nuggets could decide to grab him at 15 as well)

Gbinije: 44th to the Atlanta Hawks (With the need for depth and all-around players, I'd have to guess that Gbinije will go to the Hawks)

Kevin Wall

Malachi: 17th to the Grizzlies

Gbinije: 33rd to the Los Angeles Clippers (Doc Rivers likes older guys and that's a team looking to win now and he can fill Wes' spot as the SF off the bench.)

Sean Keeley

Malachi: 17th to the Grizzlies

Gbinije: 41st to the Orlando Magic (I'm not believing the hype that he's going first round, feel like we've been down this road before. He's a second round guy.)

Your turn...