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DOCTOR Gross Hired as Executive Director for Athletics at Cal State-Los Angeles

Who says you can't go home again?

Cal State-L.A.

Though it's been over a year since he left his post as Syracuse Orange athletic director, DOCTOR Daryl Gross has maintained a position at SU the whole time, presumably until he go this next job.

That next job, it ends up, is as executive director of athletics for the Cal State-Los Angeles.

The Cal State-L.A. Golden Eagles are a Division II program in the California Collegiate Athletic Association. They sponsor 11 sports, including basketball (no football, however). The school is located in L.A. proper, just northwest of the 10-710 interchange (for those familiar at all).

At one time, it was thought that he could be in line to become the next athletic director at his alma mater, UC-Davis. While he was among the finalists for the role (according to a TNIAAM source), he ultimately didn't get the gig.

Gross landing in Los Angeles shouldn't surprise anyone, really. Before arriving at Syracuse in 2005, he was part of the USC athletic department, a fact that helped facilitate the ill-fated Orange-Trojans football series. He'll inherit this gig from his old boss at USC too. Mike Garrett, whom he served under over there, recruited him to come to Cal State-L.A.

"I look forward to building on Mike’s foundation and carrying the torch in a way that is truly extraordinary," Gross said. "Our goals will include graduating our student athletes while providing them a championship experience that will help them become leaders who make an impact on society. They will carry on in the tradition of alumni such as the great Billie Jean King."

Syracuse University chancellor Kent Syverud also lent some kind words about DOCTOR Gross to the press release:

"He accomplished a great deal in his tenure here, hiring an outstanding set of coaches, increasing fundraising to record levels, and investing in an exceptional array of student athlete facilities. His efforts helped raise Syracuse University’s profile nationwide."

He also helped get us in trouble with the NCAA, but that's a whole 'nother story...


Congrats on your new gig, DOCTOR, and for following me to Los Angeles. If I start seeing taxis with "Los Angeles's College Team" on them, I'll know exactly who's responsible.