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Syracuse National Champion Craig Forth Named Principal of Mechanicville City School

That's Mr. Forth to you.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Just one week ago former Syracuse Orange basketball center Craig Forth was named principal of Mechanicville City School where he has been the assistant principal for the last three years. Forth, who won a National Championship with Syracuse back in 2003, will officially take the reigns on July 1.

The seven-footer from Albany reflected on his playing days and how leadership has carried over from basketball to the classroom.

"I've been a leader on the court, on the sidelines, in the classroom and now in the hallways," said Forth "My passion for helping others find success is what drives me each day. In this new role, I look forward to taking on new leadership challenges and helping those around me succeed in ways they never imagined."

Forth also noted how his brother has inspired him and led him into the field of education. "I watched Jeremy work his way through school with major successes and downfalls associated with having autism. I wanted to be the type of educator that made room for everyone and never made the Jeremy's of the world feel excluded."

To read more on Forth and the announcement, click here. It's refreshing to see someone who has reached the height (pun intended) of college basketball have such a humble attitude and the willingness to give to others. It's also refreshing to see any Syracuse player give Georgetown a dunk. Best of luck principal Forth.