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Get To Know Your Orange Man - No. 86 WR Adly Enoicy

Adly's Twitter Feed

Name: Adly Enoicy

Position: Wide Receiver

Year: (Redshirt) Sophomore

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 222

Hometown: Delray Beach, Fla.

High School: Atlantic Community

2015 Stats: Enoicy didn't play in any games last season.

2016 Projections: Enoicy's behind Steve Ishmael on the Syracuse Orange depth chart, and given this offense's need to cycle in a lot of different receivers, he's definitely gonig to see the field this year. You'd hope so, given his size and how much the old staff seemed to like him when he committed.

How’d He Get Here?: Enoicy was an FIU flip prior to National Signing Day in 2014. He had a boatload of other offers too, from schools like Florida State, Auburn, Florida, Miami and others.

What’d Recruiting Sites Say?: Mostly three stars, though ESPN said four. Nice of them to do so.

Money Quote: Enoicy was all aboard the new uniforms train back when SU switched to its most recent duds.

"There's always room for change and improvements, and these new uniforms (2014) are an example of one. I see these uniforms as a start to a new beginning, one to be remembered as we incoming freshmen plan to make a statement and change to the game, along with the returning players wanting to outdo their performances the prior year."

Twitterfeed: @Prospect_5

Tweets of Wonder: Adly still shows appreciation for former Orange wideouts coach Bobby Acosta.

What Does Babers Think of Him?: Hasn't mentioned anything yet. TELL US YOUR SECRETS, DINO!

Interesting Nugget O’Interest: One of Enoicy's cousins is former North Carolina and current Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovanni Bernard.

Let’s Get A Good Look Atcha: Enoicy catches a pretty touchdown pass early in this one.