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Syracuse Football: Gabe Sherrod Found Out He's No Longer Orange Just Like You Did

Sherrod found out that Syracuse was going a different direction on Twitter, just like you.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Given the rumblings out there for the last couple weeks, it wasn't a huge shock to find out Saturday night that Delaware State grad transfer Gabe Sherrod was no longer going to join the Syracuse Orange this season.

That is, unless you were Gabe Sherrod, who found out about it in roughly the same way you did.

Gabe Sherrod learned the news the same way most Syracuse fans did last night: through Twitter.

Sherrod was mentioned in a tweet citing a report that the Orange was no longer accepting his commitment as a graduate transfer.

"I was just in shock," Sherrod said. "I literally found out through Twitter."


Rumors abound since Sherrod delayed his enrollment at Syracuse from February to July. Some said he was facing academic issues. Others though that his rumored visit to Michigan State soured SU coaches on his commitment to the program.

For the record, Sherrod told that he's completing his academic requirements next week, so that doesn't seem to have been the issue. He did say that he thought the SU coaching staff made the call in order to "make sure that they had somebody locked in," which certainly bolsters the commitment concerns.

Sherrod understands "it's a business" and not always fair. Perhaps he should have shut down his visits after committing to Syracuse but in the flip side there was always the chance that SU could pull their offer. So I get it. An unfortunate cost of doing business as a college football player.