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Syracuse Football Invites You (And TNIAAM) to Design the Official "Orange Out" T-Shirt

When SU faces Louisville, fans will be wearing a shirt designed by one of you (and definitely not us).


Back in April, the Syracuse Orange announced that the Friday, September 9 kickoff vs. Louisville would be deemed an "Orange Out" for fans (as opposed to all the other games when you wear PLATINUM). They also said the official shirt of the day would be submitted via fan design. That design contest officially began yesterday, with submissions being accepted until June 15. You'll notice the sample shirt is white and not orange. Don't get us started...

As the Syracuse #jokesandgarbage blog of record, of course, we couldn't help but toss out our own submissions here -- even if there's no way in hell most of them ever see the light of day at the Carrier Dome.

First, a 44 entry you can get behind:

Committee Tshirt

... Then one you want to avoid:


The one with the self-promotion:


The most (sadly) honest entry:


The one that's going to kill me:

Bubble Screen

The one you wish was real:

Babersque Tee

The one you REALLY wish was real (and may apply more to basketball, but who cares?):

Sorry Tee

The one about ol' what'shisname:

Special Place Tee

The one that could get a lot more frightening by the time this game kicks off:

Trump tee

And, of course, the only shirt for everywhere:

Will Junior


Have more ideas for tees? Go wild with the design template and post yours in the comments.