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Syracuse Basketball is Back on the Bubble (in June)

Joe Lunardi isn't impressed with Syracuse, which as we've learned, is a very good sign.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Joe Lunardi was unimpressed with Syracuse Orange basketball, we went all the way to the Final Four. So by all means, Joe, keep us on the bubble.

Joe released a post-NBA Draft announcement update to his off-season bracketology and he's dropped the Orange from a six-seed in the previous version all the way back down to ten-seed.

The Orange are slotted against seven-seed Iowa and are staring down a date with two-seed Oregon in the second round. Syracuse is also one of the Last Four Byes in the bracket.

Joe has dropped SU based on Malachi Richardson's decision to go pro but we all know that it's way too early to know what the Orange have in 2016-2017, how good Tyus Battle and Matthew Moyer will be, and how the team will come together by next March.

So, don't read too much into it. Hell, you shouldn't read too much into any bracketology, but, you know...