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Boeheim's Army Qualifies for The Basketball Tournament (Unofficially)

If current vote totals stand, Boeheim's Army will be competing in TBT for a $2 million prize.

Voting for The Basketball Tournament ended Wednesday and Boeheim's Army, a team made up mostly of former Syracuse Orange basketball players, has qualified to compete for the second year in a row.

Boeheim's Army tallied 2,958 votes which is well over the 200 votes needed to participate in the tournament. General manager Kevin Belbey told that TBT officials will be checking for voter fraud during the next week before the official announcement of tournament participants on June 8. It seems a little crazy that teams could be committing voter fraud for this event, but Belbey said that a couple of teams have been caught cheating in the past.

The team features former Syracuse players Eric Devendorf, C.J. Fair, Donte Greene, Rick Jackson, Baye Keita, Terrence Roberts, Brandon Triche and Darryl Watkins.

The top 11 eligible teams by fan vote automatically qualify for the tournament, so if vote counts stand as they are currently, Boeheim's Army should be in that category. Voting also affects the team's seeding.

Teams this year will be playing for a $2 million first place prize, which will be split amongst players and fans.