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Syracuse Basketball: Malachi Richardson Reportedly Invited to NBA Draft

Between a potential promise at No. 17 and this invite, it looks like Mali made the right choice.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe you still don't think former Syracuse Orange player Malachi Richardson should have left after one season but it doesn't look like many in the NBA share that opinion.

First, Jonathan Givony reports that Mali will be invited to the green room at the 2016 NBA Draft.

Now, that alone is not a guarentee that a player will be drafted early, or even drafted at all, but it does bode well.

Then, throw in the report that the Memphis Grizzlies have made up their mind already about drafting Richardson. So much so that they've asked Malachi to stop working out for other teams so no one else gets any ideas.

The Grizzlies are enamored with the Syracuse wing, urging him to shut down his workouts with the promise of selecting him here, sources said. They could really use the perimeter shooting he offers and has some upside.

However it plays out, it looks like Malichi is going to be in the first round and when it happens, Syracuse will be in some very elite company that looks very good to potential recruits.