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Gerry McNamara Featured in Syracuse Chiefs Proposal Video

Gerry McNamara appears in a proposal video for a diehard fan.

Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Anthony Cianchetta, the Director of Multimedia Production for the Syracuse Chiefs, has set the bar high as far as marriage proposals go. On May 28, he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Kelliann Needham, who also happens to be a diehard fan of Syracuse Orange basketball legend (and current assistant) Gerry McNamara. The couple had previously joked that if Cianchetta ever proposed, he would need McNamara's permission. Well apparently Cianchetta really took that to heart.

Needham was told that she needed to be at her parents' home on May 28 to help plan her younger sister's wedding. When she showed up, she was shown a new highlight video of McNamara from his Syracuse playing days. However, this turned out to be no ordinary highlight video. After about a minute of McNamara highlights, Cianchetta appears on the screen. Then, there are testimonies from family members who explain why Cianchetta and Needham make such a great couple. After about 2:30, McNamara himself makes an appearance. He gives his blessing and congratulates the couple on their engagement. After the video was over, Needham was directed outside, where Cianchetta was standing in the very spot where they had their first "date" in seventh grade.

Overall, you have to give this proposal 10 out of 10. Cianchetta definitely gets major points for finding a way to incorporate a Syracuse Legend into his video. As for McNamara, this is just one more example of how he continues to give back to the Syracuse community that has given him so much.