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Five Teams We Really Want To See Boeheim's Army Play In TBT

Boeheim's Army is third overall in the fan vote for a loaded TBT field.

During a time of the year widely considered a bit of downtime for most sports, we get The Basketball Tournament. A tournament where we get to watch some of our favorite players to ever play for the Syracuse Orange make a run at winning $2,000,000. Does it get any better?

Last year, I watched Boeheim's Army on a 75-inch TV at a local sports bar. It wasn't quite the atmosphere you'd get for Syracuse-Duke, but the place was full of engaged, rooting SU fans who wanted to see this team win. There is without a doubt a large following and interest in this thing, and it will only grow as the years go on.

The teams that will take part in this year's tournament starting July 9 have been set. While we still don't know how it all shakes out, here are five teams I'd like to see Syracuse Boeheim's Army play the most:

The Bluegrass Boys (Kentucky Alumni)


Shagari Alleyne  (Center)

Chane Behanan (Power Forward)

Ramel Bradley (Point Guard)

Joe Crawford (Shooting Guard)

Erik Daniels (Small Forward)

Kevin Galloway (Small Forward)

Perry Stevenson (Power Forward)

Marquis Teague (Point Guard)

This choice goes without saying. As with anything related to basketball, if it has Kentucky's name attached to it, chances are 90% of the country hates it. It appears to be a pretty solid roster that should make a pretty deep run in TBT. My reason for wanting to see Boeheim's Army play them? They have John Calipari listed as a booster.

Supernova (Villanova Alumni)


Isaiah Armwood (Small Forward)

Corey Fisher (Point Guard)

Malcolm Grant (Point Guard)

James Minor-Bell (Small Forward)

Antonio Pena (Power Foward)

Reggie Redding (Small Forward)

Scottie Reynolds (Point Guard)

Maurice Sutton (Power Forward)

Mouphtaou Yarou (Center)

Here is another choice that needs no explanation. With a roster full of recognizable names of recent years, it would be excellent to see a bunch of Syracuse guys match up head to head with Villanova players in an old-school, Big East kind of way. I could see this game being very physically-dominant and right down to the wire just like an old Big East Tournament game at Madison Square Garden.

Spartan's Heroes (Michigan State Alumni)


Brandon Wood (Point Guard)

Alan Michael Arnett (Shooting Guard)

Charlie Bell (Shooting Guard)

Brandon Kearney (Shooting Guard)

Korie Lucious (Point Guard)

Nate Miller (Shooting Guard)

Raymar Morgan (Power Forward)

Derrick Nix (Center)

Delvon Roe (Power Forward)

Durrell Summers (Shooting Guard)

Another team full of big names from their college days, Spartan's Heroes has the talent to win the whole thing. While I think Boeheim's Army still has a matchup edge on them, this would be a game that could come right down to the wire and would garner a lot of fan excitement.

Armored Athlete


David Dudzinski (Power Forward)

Jordan Hulls (Point Guard)

Dario Hunt (Power Forward)

Roosevelt Jones (Small Forward)

Malcolm Miller (Small Forward)

Will Sheehey (Shooting Guard)

Isaiah Swann (Shooting Guard)

Vernon Taylor (Shooting Guard)

Christian Watford (Power Foward)

Any team that has Jordan Hulls, Will Sheehey, and Christian Watford on it has my attention. If nothing else, it would be a good reminder of the Sweet 16 win in 2013 en route to the Final Four in Atlanta.

City of Gods


James Gist (Power Forward)

Phil Goss (Point Guard)

David Hawkins (Shooting Guard)

Dermarr Johnson (Small Forward)

Lasan Kromah (Shooting Guard)

Pops Mensah-Bonsu (Power Forward)

Xavier Silas (Shooting Guard)

Omar Strong (Point Guard)

Michael Sweetney (Center)

James White (Small Forward)

Chris Wright (Point Guard)

This one absolutely makes the list. For one, they eliminated Boeheim's Army last year in the tournament. Secondly (and more importantly) they have Georgetown Hoyas alums Chris Wright and Michael Sweetney on the team. I'm not saying I hate them, but........

See any that I missed that you'd love to see Boeheim's boys play? Let me know in the comments below.