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Jim Boeheim Honored (& Roasted) at Circle of Honor Award Ceremony

Jim Boeheim received the American Cancer Society's Circle of Honor Award over the weekend.

Tim Welsh

Over the weekend, Jim Boeheim was honored with the American Cancer Society's Circle of Honor Award for his work raising money and awareness for cancer research.

The event, held at Oak Hill Country Club near Rochester, was a star-studded college basketball affair featuring coaches such as Jim Calhoun, Jay Wright, Bobby Cremins and Frank Beamer as well as SU folks Dale Shackleford, Eric Devendorf, Adrian Autry, Mike Hopkins, Gerry McNamara, Roosevelt Bouie (but not Bowie) and Louis Orr.

SU alum Sean McDonough was MC on the evening as whenever that happens you know there's going to be a little bit of a Boeheim roast included in the price of admission.

There was some heartfelt discussion of Boeheim as well.

But of course, Boeheim couldn't leave well enough alone and had to throw in a zinger of his own...

As Brent Axe points out, The Jim & Juli Boeheim Association raised more than $3.2 million for Coaches vs. Cancer during a 10-year run from 2000 to 2009 and plenty more since then. Boeheim reiterated that as the real reason everyone came together over the weekend.

"The awards don't really matter. It's that you're able to help people and make some kind of an impact on cancer, cancer research, cancer awareness. That's the biggest thing we can do, we can make people be aware to get tested. That's the best way to beat cancer, get tested and find out if you have something that can be treated."