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Syracuse Basketball Recruiting: Still No Word From Taurean Thompson

The missing puzzle piece in Syracuse's 2016 recruiting class remains unaccounted for. No news is good news?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On paper at least, the addition of Taurean Thompson would complete the Syracuse Orange Class of 2016. If only the big man would decide to come play here.

Hell, if only he'd decide to go play anywhere.

Thompson (or someone close to him) had teased a decision between SU, Seton Hall, and Michigan State over the weekend but it never happened. In the meantime, Seton Hall went and added yet another transfer, meaning that they currently don't have any space for Thompson and would actually have to lose two scholarship players in order to make room for him.

That would seemingly eliminate the Pirates from consideration except that Thompson's mother is said to be high on Seton Hall due to proximity.

Thompson has visited SU twice and recently visited MSU for the first time.

There are rumblings over whether or not the delay is related to Thompson qualifying academically but we haven't seen anything concrete about that. In the meantime, Ben Sigel reminds us that Thompson is worth the wait...especially if he chooses SU.

If Thompson signed with Syracuse, he would likely be Roberson's backup from day one. His strength, ability to rebound and score, get up and down the floor and block shots separate him as an elite prospect.

The importance of landing Thompson for the future of the program is indescribable. He'll be the go-to big man for as long as he's at Syracuse. The depth he can provide the Orange would change the landscape of the program.

And so we wait...