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Syracuse Basketball: Jim Boeheim Wants You To Stand Up

James Arthur says if a 75-year-old couple can do it, so can you.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to Syracuse Orange athletics, there are some things that will be debated and brought up until the end of time.

Should Syracuse have a basketball arena? Should The Wave be banned in the stands? Should we abolish the two beer limit? Should Boeheim play more man to man? Why can't we buy salt potatoes in the Dome?

Needless to say when one of the biggest topics gets brought up by the one and only Jim Boeheim, we must debate and discuss it once more: Why can't our fans just stand the entire game?!

Boeheim made the comment at the unveiling of the Jim and Juli Boeheim Golf Complex at Butternut Creek in Syracuse. At the ceremony he commented on many things, including Malachi Richardson's draft stock, going to the Olympics, and Jeremi Grant's potential as an NBA player. But then when discussing his trip to Cleveland to watch game 3 of the NBA Finals with his son for his birthday, he made the comment that will likely resonate with a lot of Syracuse fans in the Dome:

On what he's like as a spectator at NBA games: "I usually watch it on TV. I much prefer to watch it on TV. The crowd in Cleveland -- our fans might learn (something). Every fan in Cleveland stands up the entire game. They only sit down during time outs. I was next to a 75-year-old couple. They stood up every live action play. Nobody told them to sit down."

On whether he stood the whole game: "I had to. You couldn't see the game. It was interesting."

Ed. Note - Uh, Jim...the video don't lie.

Now before I dive into this, let me preface everything by saying I'm on your side. I would absolutely love being able to stand all game every game. Having said that, it will never be the case in the Carrier Dome.

First in regards to Cleveland, Boeheim was attending the NBA Finals. As in, the series that decides that basketball champion of the world each season. I think it's safe to say that's probably a little different of a scenario than a Wednesday night 9 p.m. game against Georgia Tech in the Dome.

Having said that, why can't our fans stand the entire game anyways? The seats in the Dome are atrocious, and people are packed into each row like sardines.

So why not just stand the entire time? It's simple: The front rows dictate standing and sitting. And this is why you will never see it happen on a consistent basis in the Dome.

Now if you sit in one of the front rows at the Dome for basketball games this isn't a shot at you. It is a collective process that takes a crowd to accomplish (or not accomplish). With (generally-speaking) an older crowd in the front rows at the Dome, standing is unlikely unless Syracuse has a key moment in the game. This can be overcome by everyone else standing around those who refuse to leave their seats, but they will most likely be told by an usher to sit back down.

Crazy? Not really from the University's perspective.

To buy season tickets in the 100s, you are donating thousands of dollars just to be able to purchase tickets, followed by paying a premium price to buy the seats. This certainly isn't in everyone's price range, so the University would be unwise to anger any of these high paying donors. With attendance at football games at the lowest point in Carrier Dome history, they rely heavily on basketball to help generate revenue.

So I'm sorry Jim. While I'm in agreement with you that standing the entire game would be awesome and would make an already great atmosphere that much better, it'll never happen. Money talks.