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NBA Rumors: Will Former Syracuse Forward Carmelo Anthony Be Traded to Cleveland?

Will the odd man out in Cleveland be traded to the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Hey. You know that guy that won a National Championship with Syracuse way back in 2003? No, not this guy.

That's right. Carmelo Anthony.

The current New York Knicks star has been linked to trade rumors with Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kevin Love. Jonathan Tjarks at the ringer writes,

"Hear me out: Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony. It almost makes too much sense for it now to happen. The 27-year-old embeds within Kristaps Porzingis's timetable in New York better than the 32-year-old Anthony, and it's not clear how a rebuilding Knicks team will be able to contend in the remaining years of Carmelo's prime. Carmelo and LeBron have talked about playing together for years, while Carmelo's ability to attack off the dribble as a 3/4 combo forward is exactly the player the Cavs need to contend with the Warriors."

That's quite the proposition. It actually does make sense for both parties involved and witout getting too HOT TAKEY, the Cavaliers did appear to play better without Love. Whether that was directly related to Love being sidelined is up for debate but... No Love lost, no Love found. Or, Love lost, Carmelo found. Or maybe Kevin Love's game is just in the lost and found.

What do you think, Orange nation? Would you like to see Carmelo stay in New York or get traded to a championship contender in Cleveland?