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The Basketball Tournament: Last Chance to Vote For Boeheim's Army

Last season a group of Syracuse alumni participated in The Basketball Tournament. Many of the same alums will be participating and they still need your help to get the best seed they can in the tournament.

boeheim army

Today is the last chance to vote for Boeheim's Army to compete in The Basketball Tournament. Boeheim's Army was very successful last season making it all the way to the Elite 8 in the 64-team field.

The team will feature former Syracuse players such as Eric Devendorf, C.J Fair, Donte Greene, Rick Jackson, Baye Kieta, Terrance Roberts, Brandon Triche, and Darryl Watkins. One of the key players on the team last year, point guard Willie Deane, from the Albany area and Purdue alum, will be back this year.

A new rule this year allows every team who makes the Sweet 16 to add a new player. Team GM Kevin Belbey says he has some players in mind for when Boeheim's Army makes it that far. Belbey wants to try and keep that "mystery player" a secret.

The team needed 200 votes to qualify for The Basketball Tournament, and currently have roughly 2,500 votes. But just because they've reached that goal of 200 votes doesn't mean you should stop voting. Votes also effect the team's seeding, and Boeheim's Army was the No. 1 seed last year.

This year the stakes have increased and Boeheim's Army will be playing for $2 million dollars instead of last year's $1 million prize.

Just take some time to vote to see your favorite Syracuse alums compete for a chance of winning $2 million dollars. You can vote for Boeheim's Army here.