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Jim Boeheim Speaks With the Golf Channel's Lisa Cornwell

Jim Boeheim is a noted golf player and sat down with the Golf Channel to discuss golf, the Olympics and of course, Syracuse.

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Jim Boeheim was in Verona, New York yesterday at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Boeheim played at the beautiful golf courses that Turning Stone has to offer. Yesterday, the Boeheim was at Atunyote, the longest of Turning Stone's five golf courses. Boeheim was at Atunyote because that course and Kaluhyat will be hosting the PGA Professional Championship.

Boeheim was interviewed to talk about his love for gold, and of course the Syracuse Orange.

Boeheim on his 41 years as head coach:

"Feels no more than 38 or 39. But yeah 41 years. When I came to Syracuse I was 17 years old and I'm still here. It's incredible.

Boeheim on the beautiful day in central New York yesterday:

"(to Lisa Cornwell) Welcome to Central New York. We tell our recruits this is the way it is, beautiful days."

He spoke about how he has been so successful throughout the years:

"Good players. If you have good players you can keep your job and I have three teenagers at home and I think its a good thing to keep a job when you have three teenagers. When I'm home for more than two or three days they look at me funny.

Boeheim on playing and coaching for Syracuse's golf team from 1966-1973:

"We had a pretty average golf team to be honest. We didn't have scholarships. It was fun for me I played golf here as well as basketball and they needed a coach. I was in grad school and it was a way to get some money. I'd send them out on one side and I'd go play the other side. That was when I was playing my best golf. No one thought we lost because I only phoned in the scores when we won.

Boeheim's advice for golfers that will be competing in their first olympics:

"Enjoy it. See it all. It's a spectacular event. Go to the opening ceremony, see some of the other events. There's nothing better you can do than representing your country. I feel spoiled to have been able to go to three olympics.

Boeheim on the current state of his golf game:

"It suffers. My game suffers. I love to play and it's a great game but if you don't play a lot, it's a difficult game."

Check out the full interview: