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Syracuse Basketball Recruiting: Moustapha Diagne Could Really Use a Do-Over on Everything

The once-Syracuse recruit who might have been a once-again future recruit has lost a year of eligibility.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It's not clear if Moustapha Diagne is getting really bad advice or literally no advice, but either way he probably wishes he had a do-over on his college basketball experience to-date.

Diagne, you might remember, was supposed to be a member of the Syracuse Orange Class of 2015. Despite expectations that he would qualify, he did not and he ended up enrolling at NJCAA school Northwest Florida State College. Diagne then reclassified as a 2017 prospect and Syracuse remained in contact with him, holding up a standing offer. While he started getting offers from other schools, it was said that his heart was with SU.

Diagne also decided he would test the NBA Draft waters following the season, an idea that made sense given the NCAA's new rules about underclassmen. The problem, however, is that Diagne doesn't play in the NCAA. He plays in the NJCAA, and that association does not have the same rule.

So, because he declared for the NBA, Diagne would lose his eligibility to return to any JUCO and must now sit out a season if he decides to play for an NCAA school.

Diagne was not invited to the NBA Combine, which could be seen as shorthand for "you're not ready yet." Alas, he's painted himself into a bit of a corner now in terms of his options.

If Diagne did want to play in college, he could go to a Division II school and play immediately or he could pay his own way to an NCAA school this year where he would have three seasons of eligibility starting in 2017-2018. Or he can roll the dice with the NBA and then pursue a pro career around the world.

As for whether or not Syracuse continues to recruit Diagne and how he could fit into future plans, we'll have to see.