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Syracuse Women's Lacrosse: Lack of Vacant Hotel Rooms Prevents Orange From Hosting NCAA Tournament

The Orange won't be hosting this week's round of the NCAA Tournament because for the first time in a while Syracuse University and other schools commencement ceremonies fall on the same weekend.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

By their seed, Syracuse Orange women's lacrosse should be hosting games next weekend in the NCAA Tournament. However, the region was unable to meet the NCAA's guidelines for accommodations in order to host the first and second rounds. The Orange would have had to find enough hotel space within a 30-mile radius of campus for both Boston College and Stony Brook. They were not able to do so because both Syracuse's and other school's graduation festivities fall on the same weekend this spring.

The SU Athletic Department has been scoping out all of the possibilities for months but still came up short. Meanwhile, the men's team is able to host Albany in their first round match-up on the same exact day.

I don't like to put the blame on the athletic department or the NCAA in this situation, but I feel like the team got the short end of the (lacrosse) stick. If enough students were moved out by Tuesday evening, could they have used South Campus apartments as accommodations? It's Finals Week on the SU campus, so there were probably no guarantees there. Could they have blocked off a certain amount of rooms in the surrounding hotels earlier to prevent this? Possibly, but that would have forced families of graduates to board elsewhere.

I'm sure that there are viable reasons as to why the organizations were unable to find some way to provide the Eagles and Sea Wolves sleeping quarters for the necessary nights. It's just a very unfortunate outcome. Keep in mind, though, that if, and when, the Orange advance, they will be able to host the next round leading up to the Final Four.

The full bracket can be seen here.