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Syracuse Women's Lacrosse: Orange Beat Canisius in Six Minutes

Syracuse and Canisius resumed a suspended game from early April tied 10-10 with 6:05 left in the second half. They resumed play and SU came out on top.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

All it took was six minutes for Syracuse to defeat Canisius by a score of 13-11. That's because the game only lasted for six minutes and five seconds.

Back on April 3, 2016, Syracuse traveled to Canisius in night game after they had beaten Duke at home earlier the same day.

When Syracuse arrived, it was dumping snow in Buffalo.

Constant breaks were needed to continually shovel snow off the lines on the field so they players knew where they were.

After 53 minutes and 55 seconds of playing, the referees finally suspended the game with the score tied at 10-10 and 6:05 left on the game clock. They would resume at a later date.

After nearly a month of waiting, the two teams geared back up for a rematch on Tuesday in Buffalo at the point they left off. They took the field for six minutes to decide who would come out on top.

In the end, Syracuse scored three goals, two from senior Kelly Cross, and the Orange wound up victorious.

Syracuse drove over two hours just to play six minutes, score three times, and then head back onto the bus to drive another two hours back to campus on the final day of classes.

The Orange now head into finals week with a win and looks to be the four-seed in the NCAA tournament.

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