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If Boston College Baseball Can Succeed, Why Not Syracuse?

(Pictured: Not Boston College)

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Boston College Eagles baseball team received news they'd made it into the NCAA Tournament field. It's BC's first trip to the NCAAs since 2009 -- a figure which points out some struggles, but also shows it's not impossible for the program to succeed.

It's not impossible for a Northeast program to succeed, particularly.

College baseball, as you already knew and/or figured, is typically dominated by teams and conferences in the South and West. Wichita State (1989) is the only non-Southern/Western team to win it all in the last 30 years, and the most recent before them was Ohio State in 1966. That probably doesn't help the case for Syracuse re-instituting its 44-year dormant program.

But look at this year's bracket. Ten ACC teams made the field, including Boston College. Adding to the list of more "Northern" schools too: Connecticut, Ohio State, Western Michigan, Xavier, Navy, Rhode Island, Nebraska, Fairfield and Princeton. Some of those are auto-qualifiers. But some aren't. Just because you're stuck in cold weather for much of the season doesn't mean you're doomed to fail. It just means you have to get a little creative...

This year, Boston College was in Arizona and Florida, respectively, until March 8. The Eagles played their first ACC three series on the road (including one at Pittsburgh), and didn't host a home game until March 29. Some games got cancelled, of course. But overall, BC enjoyed a scheduled backloaded with home games and an advantageous position to make a run. They did, and as a result, found themselves in the field of 64.


In previous iterations of this conversation, fan support, Title IX and finances have been touted as some reasons against. But maybe something like BC's success here will help us turn the corner? The Title IX conversation is a legitimate one, of course. Outside of that, money can't really be seen as a barrier. Look at how much the school made from ACC payouts last year. Even the stadium issue is something that could be fixed without major issue. The Carrier Dome is undergoing renovations, AND there's a pretty nice minor league ballpark within the city of Syracuse that has a bus already running directly to it from main campus. There are creative solutions that work between the two of those and some road scheduling, believe me.

No, Syracuse isn't guaranteed success if it decides to bring back baseball. But it's not guaranteed failure either. That seems like a good enough reason as any to give this thing a go again. Every school in the ACC has one. Why not SU?