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ACC Revenues Increased by Over $100 Million in 2014-15

So that's a lot of money...

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlantic Coast Conference's revenues increased by over $100 million for 2014-15, according to tax documents released on Friday. Back in 2012-13, the conference took home a little over $302.3 million, and that number jumped to over $403.1 million for the following year (the most recently completed fiscal year for the ACC).

Of that total, the Syracuse Orange athletic program will collect $24 million -- last in the conference, and below the $26.4 million average take-home from the 14 full-time members. As's Chris Carlson pointed out in the story above, the low number for SU (lowest in the conference) is likely due to the Orange missing a bowl game in 2015 and dealing with a self-imposed NCAA Tournament ban as well.

The overall increase for the ACC is attributable to Maryland's exit fee ($31.4 million), and the College Football Playoff payouts ($45.4 million), among other factors.

Carlson also points out that the average payout moves the ACC to third out of the five power conferences for 2014-15. The SEC distributed $31.2 million, followed by the Big Ten at $30.9 million, then the ACC. The Pac-12 handed out $25.1 million, and the Big 12 was last at $23.4 million.

While that's encouraging news for the ACC, the Maryland exit fee won't be there going forward, so the number's dragged down by a little over $2 million per school without it. However, the conference did land two schools in the men's basketball Final Four and has experienced a ton of success in virtually every sport in 2015-16 -- all with various possibilities to increase payouts.


Undoubtedly, Syracuse is in a much-improving spot financially as a member of the ACC. And as the ACC Network negotiations figure themselves out, there's even more money potentially up for grabs. While being a small private school has disadvantaged SU in the past, these developments only stand to help it continue to grow its athletic success.