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Here Now, The Top 21 Syracuse Dunks of the 21st Century (No. 21 - 11)

You like Syracuse. You like dunks. Here are the 21 best since 2000.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

This is a two part series in which we will feature the 21 best dunks since the year 2000. Dunks 21-11 are listed below while 10-1 will be posted tomorrow. Why 21 you ask? Well simply because I was going to do the top 10 since 2000 but there were too many to choose from. Without further ado...

21: Kristof Ongenaet - Louisville

Remember this one? Talk about a scary moment. It looked like KO had knocked himself out at the minimum. He shook it off, walked off on his own and later returned to the game. Pure toughness.

20: Michael Carter-Williams - Louisville

At any other point in the game, this dunk might have gone relatively unnoticed. But thanks to the intensity and importance of the moment, MCW lands this jam at No. 20 on our list. Hi again, Louisville.

19: Tyler Roberson - Duke

From more recent memory, who could forget this throwdown by Robie at Cameron? I mean, extension cords don't even stretch that far, and with the left? Forget it.

18: Trevor Cooney - Colgate

Relax guys. This isn't another article exploring Cooney's legacy. It's just his typical two footed dunk but this time on Colgate.

17: Rakeem Christmas - San Diego State

Remember that time Syracuse played on an aircraft carrier? Do you also remember the time Rak dunked on said aircraft carrier?

16. C.J. Fair - Pitt

This won't be the last time CJ is on this list but it will be the last time Talib Zanna wishes he saw CJ.

15: Paul Harris - Villanova

Hi Dante.

14: Jerami Grant - St. John's


13: Tyler Roberson - Gonzaga

This is a nice way to get your team its first two points of the game.

12: Paul Harris - Northeastern

Is that Jason Terry or Paul Harris?

11: Hakim Warrick - Notre Dame

That's just disrespect. Flat footed and all.

*   *   *

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the top 10. Any guesses as to what they are?