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Syracuse Football: Orange 2016 Season Win Total Over/Under Opens at 4

Yeah, I mean, seems fair.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas is not the end-all, be-all in terms of sports predictions, but sometimes it's very right. Even if you think the sports books are very wrong though, you can just go wager against them and prove to everyone how much smarter you are than they are. released the opening over/under for every college football team's regular season win total. We'll start with the figure you care about most, then look at the other teams that matter to us, specifically.

The over/under on the Syracuse Orange currently sits at four wins.

Some might think that's a low number, but honestly, it's probably fair. The team turns a bunch on defense, has a thin defensive line, a new coach and a tough schedule. Even an improved Orange team probably hits a rough patch in here. Four also encourages betting on both sides of the line. Think the team loses three of four non-conference games? The under's screaming for you to bet. Like SU's chances to take three of four, then the usual wins over Boston College and Wake? There's your over. Simple stuff, really.

As a point of reference, here's how Vegas sees the ACC shaking out so far:

Atlantic O/U Coastal O/U
Clemson 10.5 North Carolina 8.5
Florida State 9.5 Pittsburgh 7
Louisville 9 Miami 6.5
Boston College 6.5 Georgia Tech 6.5
NC State 6 Virginia Tech 6.5
Wake Forest 4.5 Duke 5.5
Syracuse 4 Virginia 4.5

Some thoughts:

  • The Atlantic's top-heavy yet again, though interesting to see so little separation between Florida State and Louisville, particularly.
  • This is why you don't schedule this tough, SU. You're better than Wake and Boston College (and maybe Virginia), at the very least, yet your win total could fall short of theirs.
  • North Carolina's a really good team, and their schedule lets them show that. The Heels are the odds-on favorite to win the Coastal by 1.5 wins.
  • Boston College at 6.5 wins? wut.
  • Go with the over: Florida State, Wake Forest, Miami
  • Go with the under: Louisville, Boston College

And because you're probably interested in this too, here's the over/under for each of the Orange's 11 FBS opponents:

Louisville 9
USF 8.5
Connecticut 5
Notre Dame 9.5
Wake Forest 4.5
Virginia Tech 6.5
Boston College 6.5
Clemson 10.5
NC State 6
Florida State 9.5
Pittsburgh 7

Angry? Don't care? Share your thoughts below and use the long weekend to ponder your future gambling.