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Syracuse Football: Orange Scholarship Situation Heading Into 2016

Are we in good shape? Really depends on your point of view.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We're always talking about Syracuse Orange basketball scholarships around here, but rarely dive into football. SU football gets 85 scholarships to hand out each season, and recently, they've fallen short of that number more often than not due to attrition, under-recruiting, etc.

They'll do so again in 2016, it seems.

At current, Syracuse has 82 scholarships committed, if you include the incoming 2016 kids, plus grad transfers Amba Etta-Tawo (already signed) and Gabe Sherrod (will sign for July). That's four under the limit. Of those 82, 14 are expected to run out of eligibility this fall. That leaves just 17 slots open for the recruiting class of 2017.

Attrition, of course, always plays a part. And since we've already seen plenty of it since Dino Babers arrived, we'll probably see more still between now and National Signing Day next February. But as of right now, the Orange simply don't have a ton of roster spots to deal with if they want to address the burning depth issues on the defensive line and in the secondary. The program's also short-handed at QB. All of these positions need to be dealt with, but perhaps at the cost of another position given the low number of spots.

And that figure could still potentially get lower, too.

It's an inexact science to figure out which walk-ons will end up on scholarship, but when you look at the full roster, there's obviously a a growing number of walk-ons (and especially "preferred" walk-ons) that contribute regularly. The first and obvious candidate for a spot is QB Zack Mahoney, though he still has a couple years of eligibility remaining. Nathan Hines and Hernz Laguerre are both sitting out there too -- though at least the latter is out of eligibility following this coming season.

For reference, I've included the full grid of every scholarship player and his expected graduation date, respectively. There's clearly a large collection of 2019 guys, but that will change with redshirts. Non-scholarship players are not included here, but you can find them at the roster link in the previous paragraph.

Wayne Morgan DB 2016
Brisly Estime WR 2016
George Morris II RB 2016
Marqez Hodge LB 2016
Ted Taylor LB 2016
Omari Palmer OL 2016
Michael Lasker OL 2016
Jason Emerich OL 2016
Alvin Cornelius WR 2016
Kendall Moore TE 2016
Josh Parris TE 2016
Cam MacPherson TE 2016
Amba Etta-Tawo WR 2016
Gabe Sherrod DL 2016
Ervin Philips WR 2017
Zaire Franklin LB 2017
Austin Wilson QB 2017
Antwan Cordy DB 2017
Steve Ishmael WR 2017
Trey Dunkelberger DL 2017
Corey Winfield DB 2017
Jamal Custis WR 2017
Chauncey Scissum DB 2017
Jonathan Thomas LB 2017
Parris Bennett LB 2017
PJ Batten TE 2017
Cole Murphy K 2017
Alryk Perry LB 2017
Jamar McGloster OL 2017
Tyler Provo TE 2017
Sean Avant WR 2017
Eric Dungey QB 2018
Rodney Williams DB 2018
Kenterius Womack WR 2018
Juwan Dowels DB 2018
Dontae Strickland RB 2018
Daivon Ellison DB 2018
Cordell Hudson DB 2018
Jordan Fredericks RB 2018
Kielan Whitner DB 2018
Tyrone Perkins WR 2018
Matt Keller LS 2018
Kayton Samuels DL 2018
Donnie Foster OL 2018
Aaron Roberts OL 2018
Cody Conway OL 2018
Steven Clark DL 2018
Anthony Giudice DL 2018
Adly Enoicy WR 2018
Chris Slayton DL 2018
Michael Moore DB 2018
Sterling Hofrichter P 2019
Rex Culpepper QB 2019
Moe Neal RB 2019
Shyheim Cullen LB 2019
Christopher Fredrick DB 2019
Troy Henderson LB 2019
Kenneth Ruff DL 2019
Tyler Cross DL 2019
Samuel Clausman OL 2019
AJ Deurig OL 2019
Evan Adams OL 2019
Colin Byrne OL 2019
Jake Pickard DL 2019
Andrew Armstrong LB 2019
Josh Black DL 2019
Scoop Bradshaw DB 2019
Devin Butler WR 2019
Michael Clark OL 2019
Devon Clarke DB 2019
Kendall Coleman DL 2019
Evan Foster DB 2019
Sam Heckel OL 2019
Carl Jones DB 2019
Jaquwon Nelson DL 2019
Liam O'Sullivan OL 2019
Sean Riley WR 2019
Aaron Servais OL 2019
Jor-El Shaw RB 2019
Tim Walton LB 2019
McKinley Williams DL 2019
James Pierre DB 2019