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Boeheim's Army No Longer Top Vote-Getter in The Basketball Tournament

C'mon 'Cuse Nation. We're better than this.

You guys... Boeheim's Army is no longer the top vote getter in The Basketball Tournament. Sure, the team is still the No. 1 team in the northeast -- a meager 733 votes ahead of Talladega Knights -- in terms of fan votes, but it isn't enough!

The leader for TBT fan votes? Purple and Black (Kansas State Alumni) with 3,791 votes. I'd only be guessing as to which university these guys went to, but all signs point to Kansas State. Must we remind everyone of the 2012 NCAA Tournament? You're not going to let a bunch of guys from the inferior Manhattan pull ahead of New York's College Team Syracuse, are you!?

This is about Syracuse supremacy. This is about beating these guys not only in 2012 when Dion Waiters and James Southerland combined for 33 points off the bench, but also in votes. So what are you going to do about it, Orange Nation?

I suggest you march your mice and click on over to, register and vote until you can no longer vote for Boeheim's Army. This is unacceptable. We owned the vote getting last year, and now with a $2 million dollar tournament and some added exposure, you guys don't think you have to vote anymore? Disappointing on all fronts. Let's show these guys and the rest of TBT that Syracuse and Boeheim's Army has the best fans.