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Syracuse Football: Delaware State Grad Transfer DE Gabe Sherrod Delays Arrival to July

Let's all try not to freak out now...

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Delaware State defensive end Gabe Sherrod announced back in February that he'd be transferring to the Syracuse Orange football program for his final year of eligibility. So since then, we've just been playing the waiting game of when he'll sign.

Based on a report by's Stephen Bailey this morning, it appears we'll be waiting a little bit longer than initially hoped.

As Sherrod told Bailey, he's completing one final Delaware State course online in early summer, and will arrive at Syracuse in time for the July 3 summer session. Assuming all goes well there, potential crisis easily averted for the Orange.

Sherrod, as we've detailed before, could be an immediate difference-marker for the Syracuse defense, which looks to retool after a season full of struggles. They'll do so with an inexperienced, thin front line no matter what. But obviously the 6-foot-4, 255-pound Sherrod helps quite a bit. The Maryland (Perryville) native was second in the FCS last year with 25 tackles-for-loss, and shows a ton of speed when on the outside. He has a quick first step, long arms and can even sniff out screens while playing in the flat. In short, he's exactly what SU needs.

Based on the post-spring depth chart, Sherrod would probably slot into one of the two starting defensive end positions, supplanting either Jake Pickard or (more likely) Kenneth Ruff. Once Sherrod and the 2016 commits (Joshua Black, Kendall Coleman and Jaquwan Nelson) arrive on campus, that'll still make for just seven eight total defensive ends on the team.


We're optimistic this is just a slight delay, and we'll anxiously await word that Sherrod is indeed signed and will arrive on July 3. As Bailey points out in his original post, the extra time away does harm his ability to learn this defense as well as he might have otherwise.

Highlights below, for those who want to job their memory: