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Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Won't Rest Until they Win the National Championship

In the past, the Syracuse women's lacrosse team has struggled to complete their final four weekend. For the past five years, winning the National Championship has been their goal, but they have yet to achieve it. This year, they are determined to win that championship.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Mallory Vehar, Nicole Levy, Kelly Cross, Taylor Gait and Gary Gait previewed the upcoming Final Four with CuseTV. This is the Orange's fifth straight Final Four, but that National Championship has eluded them every year.

Senior defender Mallory Vehar had this to say about the upcoming Final Four:

"This time it's not enough to just get to the Final Four, were here to win it. I think the experience has led us here. I look back on the games we've played in the Final Four like my freshman year when we came back from a 7 goal deficit to beat Florida and get to the National Championship. There's a lot of grit on this team."

Freshman attack Nicole Levy had this to say about her first Final Four and how the Orange are preparing:

"We watch film, prepare, we run through different plays and scenario's. And were really working on communication, thats our biggest thing for this game I think."

Senior midfielder Kelly Cross, scored the game winning goal against USC to advance to the Final Four:

"I wouldn't say the Final Four is a place we feel comfortable. But we know what to expect, we're ready for the pace of the game and the intensity that comes with being a part of championship weekend. We try to have the mentality to be able to grind out a game if we need to."

Redshirt sophomore midfielder Taylor Gait believes this is their year to claim the title:

"I definitely think all of us, deep down, really believe that this is the year were gonna do it. This is the year were going to bring back a championship."

Head coach Gary Gait on the team and their path to the Final Four:

"We haven't played our best games, but yet they've done what we needed and I think that's the key. When we needed it, they got the job done. Hopefully we will have our best game come Friday and we'll be ready and we'll perform to our peak."

The Orange take on rival Maryland in the Final Four on Friday with opening face-off scheduled for 7:30 p.m. ET.