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Syracuse Lacrosse: Orange Release Fan-Picked Centennial Team

Syracuse released its Centennial all star team and it includes plenty of legends.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This year marked the 100th year of Syracuse Orange men's lacrosse, and there's been a celebration all season. held a series of polls, and Orange fans could vote on the top eight attackmen, 12 midfielders, nine defensemen, and three goalies in SU program history. The results are in, and after nearly 2,000 ballots, the fans have selected the greatest players in program history.


Mike Levielle- (2005-2008) One National Championship

Tom Marechek- (1989-1992) Two National Championships

Tim Nelson- (1983-1985) One National Championship

Casey Powell- (1995-1998) One National Championship

Ryan Powell- (1997-2000) One National Championship

Mikey Powell- (2001-2004) Two National Championships

Kevin Rice- (2012-2015) No National Championships (sad face)

John Zulberti- (1986-1989) Two National Championships


Matt Abbott- (2006-2009) Two National Championships

Jim Brown- (1953-1956) No National Championships, but the greatest athlete of all time.

Steven Brooks- (2003-2008) Two National Championships

Roy Colsey- (1992-1995) Two National Championships

Gary Gait- (1987-1990) Three National Championships

Paul Gait- (1987-1990) Three National Championships

Dom Fin- (1991-1994) One National Championship

Brad Kotz- (1982-1985) One National Championship

Charlie Lockwood- (1991-1994) One National Championship

Jojo Marasco- (2010-2013) No National Championships

Jovan Miller- (2008-2011) Two National Championships

Joel White- (2008-2011) Two National Championships


Marshall Abrams- (1997-2000) One National Championship

Ric Beardsley- (1992-1995) Two National Championships

Solomon Bliss- (2000-2003) Two National Championships

John Glatzel- (1998-2002) Two National Championships

Pat McCabe- (1988-1991) Three National Championships

Jeff McKee- (1980-1981) Transferred to Syracuse, Never won a National Championship

Brian Megill- (2010-2013) No National Championships

Steve Panarelli- (2004-2007) One National Championship

Sid Smith- (2008-2009) Two National Championships


John Galloway- (2008-2011) Two National Championships

Rob Mulligan- (1998-2001) One National Championship

Matt Palumb- (1987-1990) Three National Championships


Overall, this is a pretty solid list. There are some guys that deserved to be on the list that didn't make it too, of course. One that comes to mind is former SU goalie that is now the Chief of the Onondaga Nation, Oren Lyons. Lyons played with Jim Brown at Syracuse.

On attack, you can make a case for guys like Liam Banks, Mike Springer, or Kenny Nims.

At midfield there is no real face-off specialist so I would think Chris Cercy or Danny Brennan should have made the team. Other than that, this does seem to sufficiently capture the best players in Orange lacrosse history, though.

Your thoughts? Any snubs? Share below.