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Syracuse Announces Members of Athletic Director Search Committee

Let's get to work, gang.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When Syracuse Orange athletics named Dan French the interim athletic director last week, an emphasis was put on the temporary nature of his appointment. A week later, SU gets to work on hiring a new AD by naming its search committee (and not by taking our nonsensical suggestions).

In a release from the university, we get our six names this time around. They are as follows:

Kent Syverud, Chancellor (committee chair)

Dino Babers, Head Football Coach

Richard Burton, Falk Professor of Sports Management, Faculty Athletics Representative

Kimberly Keenan-Kirkpatrick, Deputy Athletics Director, Senior Women's Administrator

Robert Miron, University Trustee, Chair of the Board of Trustees' Athletics Committee

Brittney Sykes, Women's Basketball Student-Athlete

Compared to last year's committee, Miron is the only holdover.


There are several big names above, and all of them speak to the priorities in hiring the next AD. Kevin listed out some things we'll need from this upcoming hire, and some of those are clearly reflected in the list above. Some notes around that:

Syverud's presence is a clear sign of how he'll handle the process -- the same as he's handled most processes since his arrival. He's in charge, and he doesn't want any doubts about it this time around.

Babers being here is indicative of just how important this hire will be to his future and the future success of Syracuse football. There are a lot of successful coaches at SU, and even more so in the last year. But inviting the newcomer to be a key part of the process is a clear sign that his sport will play a major part in this hire.

Keenan-Kirkpatrick was a Coyle addition, but her addition here and emphasis on women's sports shows that this hire will be continuing to pursue success in that area. It also likely means she's sticking around for awhile.

Sykes is the designated student on the panel, and just as she does on the court for the women's basketball team, will play an integral role here too. Her presence also speaks to the commitment the new hire will have to uphold for women's sports and the basketball team, particularly, which comes off its best season ever.


Candidates for the gig are not allowed to be on the committee, and French has already said he won't pursue the full-time AD role. As for why someone like myself isn't present? We'll leave that up to you to decide.