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Who Is Your 'Fun' Candidate For the New Syracuse Athletic Director?

Considering ADs just leave anyway after a year, let's have some fun.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Oh sure, you can throw out Syracuse Orange athletic director candidates like Bucknell's John Hardt, Northern Illinois' Sean Frazier, or Under Armous exec and former Orange coach Nick Carperelli. You can even be one of those weirdos who wants to rehire DOC Gross.

But the truth is, the best candidates have already announced themselves...

I'd roll the dice on a Trevor Cooney - Rob Long co-director run. They certainly know where all the stuff is.

That got us thinking about who we might pick for athletic director if we just want to make it a "fun" pick. All these people want to see "A Syracuse person" become AD, right? So let's give them Syracuse people.

James Szuba

I'm going to stick with the multiple AD approach and vote the Cooney brothers to represent Syracuse's new board of athletic directors! You've got Terry, Gerry, Tervor and Trevor Cooney all leading Syracuse athletics to the promised land. Just think of all the Cooney faces!

Kevin Wall

Macky MacPherson would be my future AD pick. Bright, former athlete who bleeds Orange.

John Cassillo

Doug Marrone. People want someone with Syracuse connections, and think that means the AD role is that person's "dream job." Perhaps they think that having SU connections means they'll never leave. The irony of hiring Doug Marrone for such a role would be fantastic on so many levels. As a coach, you sort of have to take criticism and the public tar-and-feathering with each loss. As an AD? Those complaints Marrone had are probably gone. He'd laugh at you from his office, claim any football wins for his own (maybe rightfully so), and dare you to doubt him. He'd also be a hell of a fundraiser and someone who stressed Syracuse's tradition. So, maybe not all that bad/ironic/silly at all?

Sean Keeley

Get me Dave Bing on the horn right now. He's a Syracuse legend and, dare I say, one who doesn't quite always get his due compared to his football counterparts or former teammate Jim Boeheim. He knows what it means to not only run a company (Bing Steel) as well as a city (Detroit). Sure, things didn't go great there but that's not his fault. But he tried, dammit. The man is all about rebuilding and helping and growing and those are the kinds of qualities that SU Athletics needs across the board. Plus, who's gonna say no to Dave Bing in Central New York?

Your turn...