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Check Out This Early Carrier Dome Renovation Rendering

It's early in the process but this rendering from Walters Group shows off what could be coming for the new and improved Carrier Dome.

Walters Group

Update 2: SU must've caused a big stink because Turner Construction, who is overseeing the project, also released a statement and the entire Walters Group website is down. Chris Carlson tries to piece together what the heck is going on.

Update 1: Syracuse University has issued a statement on the renderings and plans.

"This information is just not accurate," the statement said. "No final decision has been made regarding the design of the new Dome roof or the timeline for its construction. As we said last week, our next step is to get additional feedback from the campus community to help us refine and finalize this project."

I don't think anyone was saying otherwise, were they? It's pretty understood amongst developers and architects that a rendering is one of many steps along the path. Of course there's still feedback and approval to get. Chill, SU.

Original: Populous is the architectural team that will design the new Carrier Dome roof and renovations but it looks like Walters Group is going to be the contractor. On their site, they've posted a bunch of information, including renderings, for the new and improved Dome.

Gotta say, it's early but this is looking pretty sharp.

crrier dome reno

carrier dome reno

As expected, the rendering shows off a connection between the Dome and Archbold Gym, creating a whole new wing for whatever Syracuse has in store there. The new roof is way bigger than the current one and includes what appear to be glass sections on the ends to let the light in.

According to Walters Group, the Dome renovation requires 7,500 tons of structural steel and include 160,000 square feet of valley metal deck. They also note that the roof truss structure spans over 500 feet and includes post-tensioned cable ties. Maybe that means something to you, maybe it doesn't. But it sounds cool.

Walters Group also mentions that "fabrication for the early works is planned to start in July" and that "site mobilization" is expected to happen in October. I don't really know what any of that means but it sure sounds like full speed ahead.

One note, this is clearly an early rendering that hasn't been fully approved yet so the look of the new Dome could change from what we're seeing here. Don't get married to it just yet, but it's a great-looking start.