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Carrier Dome Renovations: LED Lighting Will Add Arena Feel

The new lighting is a part of a $205 million renovation and will add a great compromise for fans who dislike the Carrier Dome.

An view of the Carrier Dome
An view of the Carrier Dome
Kevin Weinheimer

The more I hear about the different renovations planned for the Carrier Dome, the more excited I get for its completion. Sure, I will be sad to see the white roof bubble gone from the Syracuse skyline. But that aside, every other improvement is looking better and better for the fan experience inside. The new LED lights that are going to be installed are no different.

Lighting makes a huge difference for the atmosphere at a sporting event. From starting lineups to halftime shows, lights that can turn on and off instantly are a huge plus in entertainment for the fans. And the lights being installed as a part of the Carrier Dome's $205 million renovation plans will be no different according to Ephesus Lighting President Mike Lorenz in an interview with's Chris Carlson:

"You can create flashes for player introductions, you can have something special for the Star-Spangled Banner, you can have a program for touchdowns," Lorenz said.

From a basketball standpoint, the lighting brings a nice compromise between the fans that love the Carrier Dome and the fans that want a basketball-only arena. Instead of playing a song and introducing the players, event staff will now be able to dim the lights, put the focus on a pump-up video, potentially move spotlights around, and create an atmosphere that can really get the fanbase pumped up for the game. This was once only possible in an arena setting, so to see it in front of 30,000+ for a big game will be a sight that has never been seen in college basketball.

From a football perspective, the lights will help provide an atmosphere boost in a building that desperately needs it. While the atmosphere of football games at Syracuse can largely be determined by the success of the team (or opponent), the lights will be a unique sight in college football since Syracuse is the only power five conference school to play in a dome. While I don't know how big of a deal this will be around the country, it certainly will add to the experience to those who are yelling and screaming on Fridays and Saturdays on the hill.

As far as lacrosse goes, Syracuse already has the envy of the country in the Carrier Dome, so lighting effects for starting lineups and goals will only make people that much more jealous of the Orange.