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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Will Visit Wisconsin in ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Just when we were getting all excited for a "new" matchup...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like the full list of ACC/Big Ten Challenge opponents have leaked -- or at least that's what CBS's Jon Rothstein leads you to believe based on his string of tweets detailing every matchup this evening. That list includes a foe for the Syracuse Orange. You're familiar with them:

The Orange last faced off with the Wisconsin Badgers last fall, in what would end up being Jim Boeheim's final game prior to his nine-game suspension. Syracuse lost at home, 66-58. Now they get a chance to return the favor to Wisconsin over in Madison, Wisc.

Among the other big matchups Rothstein tweeted out (he tweeted them all, but these are the highlights):

Michigan State at Duke

North Carolina at Indiana

Purdue at Virginia

Pittsburgh at Maryland

Iowa at Notre Dame

... doesn't really seem like the leagues went for a ton of variety with this year's batch of games, as several are repeat matchups from recent seasons. At one point, we thought Maryland and Purdue were likely foes, but alas, not the case at all.

Wisconsin makes it nine opponents for Syracuse now in 2016-17, with four more to go. The recap of games we know so far:

November 11: Colgate

November 15: Holy Cross

November 18: Monmouth

November 22: South Carolina State

November 26: South Carolina (Barclays Center)

November 30/December 1?: at Wisconsin

December 5: UConn (at Madison Square Garden)

December 17: Georgetown

December 21: St. John's

You'll notice a tougher string above from South Carolina (maybe) to UConn, with none of those contests at home. With five "major conference" teams on the schedule now, we may see the other spots populated with lesser foes. Cornell's still out there, as are several other Upstate New York options if we choose to pursue them.


Thoughts? Bummed about the repeat opponent? Glad we get another crack at the Badgers? Share below.