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Syracuse Fans, Check Malachi Richardson's ID Before Taking a Photo With Him

A bunch of Orange fans got in-person catfished by an imposter Malachi Richardson over the weekend

Dustin DuBrule

If you saw Malachi Richardson in person, would you know for sure it was 100 percent him? That's a question that Syracuse Orange fans need to ask themselves because if you happen to misidentify someone else as the now-former Orange basketball player, they might not stop you.

Such was the case for Dustin DuBrule and Sean Loveless, two Orange fans who ran into Malachi at Syracuse's Hancock International Airport recently. At least...they thought it was Malachi.

Sure, the guy has hair that looks like Mali's hair. He's wearing SU gear. And he's, you know, black. Other than that...good job, good effort.

To be fair, Steiner Sports could still probably find a way to charge $499.99 for that basketball.

DeBrule and Loveless talked to the Daily Orange about the ordeal and said that they weren't the only ones fooled.

After the impostor’s fellow passengers finished crowding around him, other bystanders in the airport began flocking toward the Richardson lookalike. He never swayed from character, even taking a video with a mom and her son while advising the son to stay in school.

The whole thing got me thinking...what if we offered this guy a scholarship and trotted him out there next season Fake Razor Ramon-style?

"A normal person would be like, ‘It’s not me, but thanks,’ or just says, like, ‘I look like him,’" Loveless said. "I am pissed off … I just have a random picture with somebody who I don’t know who he is."

. "I got catfished in person," Loveless said. "Like who gets catfished in person? And then I did."

Eventually news of the trickery got back to the actual Malachi Richardson and all he could do is laugh. Well, emoji laugh...