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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Orange Joining Penn State at Old Dominion Satellite Camp

With the ban overturned, Syracuse gets to work...

Chris Gardner/Getty Images

After a few weeks of the NCAA banning satellite camps, the decision was overturned last week, opening the floodgates for any and all schools to go back to utilizing these recruiting events to evaluate more talent from a variety of areas. Any school could potentially do this, though obviously it's more important for schools like Syracuse, where there isn't a huge local/in-state talent base.

Just days after the NCAA and ACC switched the policy around, the Syracuse Orange were added to one of many "college exposure events" going on down at Old Dominion next month. ODU's located in the talent-rich Norfolk, Va. area, for those wondering about the significant there. One-time Orange staffer Chris Beatty was originally supposed to be the program's representative in the area, before he left for Maryland (where he's been pretty successful on the trail so far). Reno Ferri has taken up that mantle since, along with others.

Syracuse will join the host Monarchs and organizer (for this day) Penn State at the June 16 event. High school players of any age will be in attendance, as will JUCO and post-graduate prospects. Maryland, Michigan and Virginia will also hold similar events at ODU in June.


We'll see if this is the last event the Orange latch onto, or even if they decide to organize one themselves. As a private school, SU's recruiting budget probably isn't as vibrant as some states schools'. But perhaps we see the team down in Florida in some capacity this offseason as well?