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Syracuse Football: Orange September Kickoff Times, TV vs. Colgate, Louisville & USF Set

I saw "Syracuse football" and "schedule" and almost fainted.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

When you've carved out a niche on the Orange internet of continually complaining about football scheduling practices, the first couple words of the following tweet can get you pretty riled up:

Despite the letdown, there's still news here, some of which is good.

The Syracuse Orange will open the season against the Colgate Raiders on Friday, September 2 at 7 p.m. ET, with the game appearing on ESPN3. The following Friday, kickoff's pushed back an hour to 8 p.m. ET to face the Louisville Cardinals on ESPN2. Syracuse heads back to ESPN3 the following Saturday for some reason. The Orange and USF Bulls kick off at 3:30 p.m. ET that day despite a host of RSN options likely being available to them. Or at least, you'd think that would be the case (here's the full ACC release for the early September times and TV info, by the way).

While the Louisville news is obviously a plus, you can't love the USF-to-ESPN3 relegation. The Bulls are coming off a really solid season and are seen as a rising team in 2016. Syracuse, while still potentially sub-.500 this fall, should at least be interesting to watch. And again, RSN, where art thou? Could really say the same about Colgate too, to be honest. What's the point of going with Friday if it doesn't increase our chances of TV pick-up?


With the Louisville game confirmed on television, Syracuse likely has at least three more national games to go: Notre Dame, Florida State and Clemson, respectively. Obviously quality of play can impact some of the others. UConn may find its way to CBS Sports Network because it's an AAC home game.

Thoughts on your end? Bummed by ESPN3 treatment? Glad to see you have an extra hour to get to the Louisville game? Share your thoughts below.