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A Critical Analysis of Jim Boeheim's & Dino Baber's Pitching Motion

Jim Boeheim and Dino Babers threw out the first pitches for the Binghamton Mets on Wednesday. Let's break'm down... Video

The Syracuse Orange No Huddle Tour continued on Wednesday as Jim Boeheim and Dino Babers made their way to Binghamton to throw out the first before the Binghamton Mets (or is it the Binghamton Stud Muffins?) game at NYSEG Stadium.

They say you can tell a lot about a person from how they pitch a baseball. (Shut up, they do. I've heard it.). So let's see what Dino Babers' and Jim Boeheim's first pitches tell us.

First up is Babers, who already gets bonus points as a southpaw. His stance is solid, like an oak tree. Would like to see a little more bend in the knees. Not a lot of lower-body action in the windup. Instead he seems to want to power the pitch with his back, which, is unorthodox. He does have nice kick and the arm velocity is admirable. He's only slightly off-target but he gets the pitch pretty level.

Overall, it's clear Dino is an upper body guy who surprises you with his speed and power.

Now it's Jimmy B's turn. Boeheim takes a grand tour to the mound, the kind of walk that understands the people want a chance to cheer him and he's just fine with that. That or he's in his 70's. As for his wind-up, Boeheim goes with the "tee-ball method" and just kinda rears back and chucks. There's a courtesy kick included but it's mostly there for show. This one's all arm, which is why it arcs like a zephyr pitch. Boeheim is off target as well but he's got the distance.

Overall, we learn that Jim pitches like he lives. Just enough energy to get things done but he'd rather be coaching.

The coaches also talked about the pitches and the tour beforehand.