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Jim Boeheim Shares Thoughts On Syracuse AD/Mark Coyle During No Huddle Tour

Jim's never at a loss for words, which makes the timing of the No Huddle Tour advantageous.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As you're likely aware by this point, the Syracuse Orange "No Huddle Tour" kicked off yesterday, with Dino Babers and Jim Boeheim front-and-center. Speaking with fans and media in Buffalo and Rochester, the coaches dug into some topics quite a it, while just touching on others.

When it came to Syracuse's current athletic director situation, Boeheim was not one to avoid the topic or general line of questioning. The quotes, which's Stephen Bailey captured via Twitter:

The above's certainly a sentiment we've come around to as a group by this point. I said as much to SB Nation's Minnesota blog, The Daily Gopher, yesterday.

/Jim doesn't realize he's created a horcrux by killing DOCTOR Gross with that statement. That's at least four for him now, for those keeping score at home.

A quick divergence to Babers shows us the same exact response you'd expect at this point. Stone cold.

The topic was later broached again in Rochester:

Notice how he said local OR alum. #John44SUAD IS STILL ALIVE.


Nothing shocking here, clearly. But it's always good to give Jim a mic when you want to change the subject around the university's athletic program. While he won't be consulted on the hire (hasn't been for the last two either), Jim's still an important and very visible alum (and employee of the school, obviously). One would assume his comments come with a little weight.

In any case, further proof that this sort of thing happens far too infrequently, and we'd all happily endorse a regularly occurring tour with Boeheim and Babers. Make it happens, SUA... once you get done with that other important stuff, of course.